Virtual Receptionist - Count the Ways Your Business Can Benefit

Virtual Receptionist – Count the Ways Your Business Can Benefit

Constantly stopping to answer the phone can disrupt your workflow and make it difficult to be productive. While hiring a receptionist would help eliminate the interruptions, it’s not always a viable solution. Small start-up businesses often can’t afford the luxury of having a receptionist, and with the rise of remote work, many business owners are working from home. While having a receptionist in your home would be inconvenient and a bit intrusive, it would still be great if someone else could answer the phone. Thankfully, there is another option – hiring a virtual receptionist. It is becoming a popular option for businesses of all sizes, and here are the reasons why.

1. Save Money

Whenever you consider hiring additional staff, money is always a concern. According to US News, the median annual salary for a receptionist in the United States in 2020 was $31,110, and that doesn’t include health benefits. That’s a big investment. Virtual receptionist fees will vary depending on the agency and the services provided. However, it is typically significantly less than the average annual salary. Plus, you won’t be paying for health benefits or vacations, and you won’t have to deal with payroll taxes or deductions. 

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2. No Additional Overhead

If you never had a receptionist before, hiring someone to handle the responsibility on-site will probably mean investing in some new office furniture. Your new receptionist will need a desk,  chair, and computer. You may even notice an increase in your office supply expenses. With a virtual receptionist, there won’t be any additional overhead expenses.

3. Increase Productivity

Not having to answer the phone, take messages or deal with unwanted sales calls can have a direct impact on your productivity. With a virtual receptionist, your calls are screened and either directed to the appropriate person in your organization or a message is taken and delivered. In addition to reducing interruptions, having a virtual receptionist answer your call will allow you to prioritize return calls and reduce the occurrence of idle chit chat. By reducing all the disruptions caused by phone calls, you will experience an increase in your productivity and your staff’s productivity.

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4. Vacation and Sick Days

Being a receptionist is a one-person job most of the time, but what happens when they go on vacation or become ill? You temporarily return to the chaos of phone calls that you experienced before hiring a receptionist. However, with virtual receptionist services, vacations and sick days are not a problem. There is always another receptionist to step in. The agency you are working with will already have instructions on how to handle your calls according to your criteria on file, making the transition as seamless as possible.

5. Demonstrate Professionalism

A virtual assistant will answer your calls in a consistent and professional manner. This can make a great impression on your customers and instill confidence that their call or message will reach the appropriate person. It may seem simple, but professionalism on the phone can also boost customer confidence in your company. In business, it is always about putting your best foot forward. A virtual receptionist can help make that happen.

Is Virtual Receptionist Right for Your Business?

RAC Consulting offers cost-effective, professional virtual receptionist services that provide your customers with the attention and assistance they deserve while allowing you and your staff to work with little or no interruptions. With our virtual receptionist services, you will have a dedicated virtual receptionist, so you can be confident that your calls are answered with customized receptionist services that reflect your brand. Contact us today and let our virtual receptionists start taking your calls.

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