CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is an application that allows businesses to track and measure all customer activity and interaction to improve customer service efficiency and enhance the customer experience with the goal of gaining customer loyalty, building its customer base and increasing profits.

CRMS are an invaluable tool for today’s business owner. CRMS give you a real time view of how your entire company is performing. CRMS can generate reports for analysis on any and all aspects of your business including:

  • Tracking & managing sales leads
  • Identifying your most effective sales campaigns
  • Organizing customer data
  • File upload ability to share & store customer documents

CRMS provide additional organizational elements to help you more effectively manage your operations:
Calendars, task managers, customer leads, and vendor databases
Secure login areas with adjustable access for different employees
Powerful sales force support with calendar features, task managers, call back notes, & customer & vendor databases.

RAC consulting can help your business with a customized CRM tool that will maximize your sales and keep your entire operation running more efficiently. We build our CRM systems in Responsive Web Design which means that your employees and sales force can easily view and share all of your information from the ease and convenience of their smartphones, tables or computers.

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