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Market Research Services

RAC Consulting is involved with customer relations and market research. We use our expertise in customer outreach to assist any type of business on its path to progress and success by collecting invaluable customer feedback while letting customers know their value. Customer satisfaction, positive customer relationships, and meaningful market research are essential in gaining an edge over your competitors and increasing business profitability. RAC Consulting also recognizes the need for customized customer contact and market research, which is why we offer services specifically combined to maximize your company’s success.

RAC Consulting is aware of the value of a professional, personalized phone call when reaching out to your customers. Direct, one-on-one contact is often abandoned in today’s age of technology and depersonalized communication, despite its effectiveness in developing relationships and gathering feedback. Our trained staff is proficient at communicating with potential, present, and past customers to build relationships and retrieve vast amounts of beneficial information.

What We Can Do For You

Market Research Surveys

RAC Consulting’s outbound market research surveys identify effective advertising strategies, measure customer satisfaction in multiple areas, and gauge product efficiency. RAC Consulting knows that discovering how to gain new customers and retaining a loyal customer base is essential to business success.

Effective Advertising

RAC Consulting’s thorough fact-finder reveals how your existing customer base originally discovered your company. From television and radio presentations to newspaper and billboard ads and Internet presence, we identify which advertising avenues are worth pursuing and yield the best results.

Customer Satisfaction

What grades would your company earn in response to the quality of its product, sales, and services? RAC Consulting’s customer satisfaction research survey can let you know.

product performance

RAC Consulting can find out if your product is performing as advertised, which goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction.

Looking for market research services in North Carolina to get your business noticed?

Reporting, Tabulating & Analysis

After conducting our marketing research, RAC Consulting uses a simple yet comprehensive reporting system to share our findings with our clients. We tabulate all raw data to streamline client interpretation and subsequent action, and we keep our clients updated daily on the services we have provided. RAC Consulting can also provide complete data analysis and specific recommendations to prompt effective client reactions.

For more information on RAC Consulting and Marketing Research Services, you can contact us or give us a call at 888-233-1795.

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