About Us

Rachel Cluna is the founder and President of RAC Consulting. Rachel comes from large corporate background, and because of her experience in that marketplace, she has the ability to help her clients of all sizes and industries compete on an even playing field with their larger competitors.
This is what makes RAC a perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Rachel has put together a team that has many years experience and a collective knowledge base of what does and does not work. Increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing results are the objectives for the services RAC provides. They are focused on ensuring that their clients’ time is being spent on what they do best, moves them forward and makes them money instead of the everyday time consuming tasks of running the back office.

Rachel is an active member of the professional community as well offering her experience and talents through various organizations, local chambers, professional memberships and networking groups. She prides herself in taking on leadership roles, sharing her experience, mentoring and helping others to nurture their own professional relationships. She has founded several “Not-for-profit” organizations that give back to her local community where she not only has built a successful business, but has chosen to raise her wonderful family in as well.

“I could not work as hard as I do if it felt like work. Its my passion.” – Rachel Cluna

For the past nine years, RAC Consulting’s main goal has been to be an asset to your business; not an expense. We are passionate about making sure that your business is working hard for you instead of you working hard for your business.

During our free consultation, we’ll get a clear picture of your business as a whole and how it operates. We’ll identify where you can run more efficiently, and then tailor our services to your specific business and needs.

What makes us different?

We understand the needs of your specific small business and figure out how we can make it better, all at an affordable price. Unlike some larger companies, we always make sure to give you the attention you deserve. We want you to become part of the RAC Family.

To date, RAC Consulting has over 1,000 happy clients. Whether you’re looking to save time,
money, or to find ways to earn more money, we’ll help you reach your goals.

This includes:

  • lowering overhead
  • increasing revenue
  • preparing a business for sale
  • and most importantly, giving you, the business owner, the ability to do what you originally went into business to do.

You leave the back office work to us and immediately gain peace of mind and more time to focus on what really matters.

You’ll also have the best in the field working by your side. We have professional receptionists, bookkeepers, consultants, account managers and payroll specialists here to serve your every business need.

Contact us to find out how you can streamline your business today.