The Remote Receptionist - Are You Ready To Outsource Your Front Desk?

The Remote Receptionist – Are You Ready To Outsource Your Front Desk?

While some business owners may have been testing the waters with remote work, COVID had many diving right in. The remote office is no longer business science fiction – it is a reality for many businesses. Others are taking it one step at a time. One remote position that is becoming popular is the remote receptionist.

If your business doesn’t require someone to greet visitors to your office, a remote receptionist might be a great fit. They can answer your phone, direct calls, and take messages from anywhere. You can either retain a remote receptionist or outsource the position. Are you thinking it would be better to have your own dedicated employee rather than outsourcing someone? Not necessarily – there are some great benefits to outsourcing your receptionist duties.

Remote Receptionist Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of those benefits before you dismiss the idea of outsourcing receptionist duties.

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One of the best benefits of a remote receptionist is the fact that you will save money. When you outsource your receptionist duties, you are not responsible for the payroll taxes, benefits, or paid time off that comes with hiring an employee. You also don’t have to worry about expensive office space or equipment.

Increased Flexibility

An outsourcing company can also provide you with a remote receptionist who is available when you need them. This is helpful if your business has extended hours or needs coverage during holidays and weekends. If your business requires a receptionist for more than forty hours a week, that would mean paying benefits and payroll taxes for two employees. Although fees may increase with extended hours,  outsourcing will still be more cost-effective than having two in-house receptionists or paying overtime.

Professional Appearance

When customers call your business, they will be greeted by a professional receptionist. This first impression is important and can help to increase customer confidence in your business.

Improved Customer Service

A remote receptionist can help to improve your customer service by handling calls efficiently and correctly directing callers to the appropriate department or individual.

Prompt Email Responses

It’s not just about fielding phone calls. A remote receptionist can handle a lot of your email correspondence as well. They can handle general email inquiries and delete all the spam. You will be able to handle emails that require your personal attention without having to sort through a sea of junk mail to get to them.

Reduced Missed Calls

When you outsource your remote receptionist duties, you can be confident that your calls will be answered promptly. This is important for businesses that rely heavily on phone communications.


Outsourcing companies can provide additional receptionists during times of high call volume or when your business is growing and needs extra support.

Fewer Distractions

By outsourcing your receptionist duties, you free up your time to focus on other aspects of running your business. This can help to improve your overall efficiency and productivity.

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Remote receptionists are trained professionals. They understand the proper business etiquette and will quickly learn the specifics of your business to better serve you and your customers.

RAC Remote Receptionist Services

RAC Consulting offers cost-effective, professional remote receptionist services that provide your customers with the attention and assistance they deserve while allowing you and your staff to work with little or no interruptions. 

With our remote receptionist services, you will have a dedicated receptionist, so you can be confident that your calls are answered with customized receptionist services that reflect your brand. Contact us today and let our receptionists start taking your calls.