Specialized Services

Appointment and service scheduling, post-sale reinforcement, customer notifications, customer retention and collections are just some of the more popular specialized services RAC Consulting extends to our clients. Let us know your specific goals and we will design a custom or hybrid project to achieve them efficiently. Our professional customer communication agents (CCAs) are trained to adeptly handle any situation that arises, and they are as interactive with your employees as need be to execute the project properly.

Appointment Scheduling:

With the medical field in mind, RAC Consulting offers this patient contact service to enable doctors’ office staffs to cater to in-house patients without the distraction of making appointment reminder phone calls.

Service Scheduling:

From auto dealerships to HVAC contractors and every service business in between, RAC Consulting’s CCAs can contact your customer base to advise them of scheduled services or timely maintenance.

Post-Sale Reinforcement:

RAC Consulting provides this after-sale follow-up phone call to impress your customers and exceed their expectations. It reiterates the point that the sale is only the beginning of superior customer service and proves you value their patronage.

Customer Notifications:

Take advantage of this phone call service RAC Consulting provides to introduce and showcase new products, services, or promotions to existing customers in order to maximize the client base you already have.

Customer Retention:

RAC Consulting knows the importance of investigating why a customer may have cancelled a service or decided not to purchase a product. We can gather this information for you through a professionally-executed phone call on your behalf to improve your customer retention rate.


Let RAC Consulting’s trained agents communicate tactfully, professionally, and effectively with your past due account. Defer this often awkward and dreaded task to our trained customer communication agents (CCAs)and increase your profits.

Client-Specific Custom:

Share your explicit goals and we will design a custom or hybrid project to efficiently meet your needs.

For more information on RAC Consulting you can contact us or give us a call at 888-233-1795.