Research Interviews

RAC Consulting offers two types of outbound research interviews, both of which are customizable, effective in soliciting constructive, meaningful feedback, and rooted in personal customer experiences and opinions. Our experienced team of customer communication agents (CCAs) are trained to draw information out of customers through asking specific questions and
stimulating meaningful conversation while making a positive presentation on behalf of your business. Our focus is building a rapport with your customer.

Integrated Research Interview:

This is a specialized format that combines qualitative and quantitative research in order to provide a complete, well-rounded assessment. The qualitative aspect of the research entails using open-ended questions that probe the customer to identify and reveal issues or information below the surface using his or her own words. The quantitative format is a statistical survey that extends questions to unveil possible strengths and weaknesses of your company. The qualitative and survey questions are customizable to provide meaningful feedback specific to your industry, and they can be used to find out information about the effectiveness of various aspects of a business, such as advertising, sales staff efficiency, and product quality.

For example, we may use the first part of the interview to gather feedback about customer satisfaction regarding product purchase or presentation. Next, we may ask questions about a specific topic, such as advertising, to find out how the customer discovered your company. Here, the benefits are twofold: customer feedback indicates strengths and weaknesses in your
products or services, which leads to discovering effective remedies that bolster customer satisfaction; also, advertising research identifies approaches successful in securing sales, which saves your business money by revealing where advertising dollars are best spent.

Pre-Sale Evaluation Interview:

This is used for customers that may have received a production presentation, demonstration, or estimate, evaluating the customer’s experience and attempting to discover valuable indications as to what would make the sale more probable to turn prospects into customers. Here, many different courses of action may be incorporated, depending on the specific needs of your business, such as appointment scheduling, call transfers, and basic inquiry responses. RAC Consulting can perform any action that will help your business close the deal.

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